Welcome to Improvise Club

Our Story

Improvise Club is a place where ideas turn into beautiful visual experiences with your imagination and our expertise.
It all began when three best friends decided to put their skills in design and years of experience from numerous creative industries into founding a studio to set the start of authentic brands that cut through the noise. Over time, the team expanded attracting more and more talented designers and providing more creative services for an already established client base.
Today, with impressive projects and experience from diverse areas, dilated creative imagination and firm principles for quality and success, our number one priority is to create intelligent design that will break stereotypes, set new standards and revolutionize the creative industry.

Our Services



We set the start to your brand through a unique tailor-made visual identity that will make your business cut through the noise.


Logo Development

Your logo should define who you are and give your brand a personality that will make you look, feel and be different.



 Emphasize your unique product with a packaging that screams your brand’s name. We’ll make sure it screams louder than the competition..



We create paintings and outstanding illustrations which will make you unique wherever you go.


Armen Khudgaryan

Art Director, Co-founder

With over 10 years experience in the field Armen is the driving force of the Company.  He values calm but easily gets excited by the next challenge.

Mikael Melikyan

CFO, Co-founder

As a professional who has an experience in various types of businesses, with a passion for design, Mikael is the person who helps the company to pursue its taken path.

Hrach Simonyan

Head of Design

Having a background of working on any types of projects Hrach is an irreplaceble member of the team, who always have  various different approaches from every angle.


Thanks for viewing the world through our eyes — we hope you enjoy our site and the work that we’re doing. Got something for us? Get in touch.